Barking MAD and SAD

Deliverance Day minus 12.  Never mind that we have to endure a liberal democracy that has trashed our historical values, things can only get worse. Right has become wrong and good is now bad. The world’s turned upside down. It is not just this country, it is the whole western culture that has been degraded. We are really living in a decadent democracy. It is particularly difficult for Catholics as we are a prime target being part of the universal bastion and bulwark against evil. The Catholic Church is the projection in the forefront taking the full blast of the onslaught. Catholics need to wake up and smell the coffee, because it whiffs.

Todays reporting of the antics of a group of Foreign Office staff charged with planning for Pope Benedict’s state visit to Great Britain and the output of their brainstorming session reveal a latent attitude. To pass it of as a joke that went out of control, and the kids in the FO getting out of hand with the adults bringing them to heel, misrepresents the seriousness of the incident. These people are supposed to be diplomats schooled in the arts of etiquette and courtesy. If this is an example of the calibre of the future high echelons of the FO, then we have a real problem. Behaviour like this does not just happen, especially in one of the oldest arms of government, it is learnt. Children cuss and swear because they copy their elders. If the Pope and Vatican, together with Catholics in general, are mocked and derided you can be sure that it is part of the whole culture that pervades through the organisation. One comment that it should have been kept within the department indicates that it is alright to act that way so long as no one finds out.  Behaviour unmasks their thoughts.  Their attitude is showing.

Andrew Marr’s Show this morning had the BBC compounding the matter. As usual he had a couple of celebrities reviewing the newspapers. A man and woman that no one knows but especially invited for the purpose. One of them was a thespian and they both, together with Andrew Marr, belittled the seriousness of the incident and the disrespect shown to the leader of billions of Catholics and head of a sovereign state. It was all a huge joke and example of English humour. We can suspect that the National Secular Society had been asked to put forward two of their members. Their comments were totally dishonest. The woman objected to the FO making a formal apology to the Holy See because the Pope had not apologised for the abuse committed by priests. What planet has she just come back from? Apologies have been flying thick and fast, and far in excess of what was proportionate. Nothing can satisfy these people as their concern is not for the abused. Their agenda is bigoted and intolerant.  It is a fundamental atheist attack on religion and Christianity in particular.

To demonstrate this compare the reaction to the US extradition proceedings of Roman Polanski. The arty chattering classes are outraged that this is happening because it happened so long ago and it wasn’t real rape. Even the President of France has been roped in to intercede with the US President. So just to get the facts right, and all was revealed in Polanski’s trial when he pleaded guilty but then fled before sentencing.  A thirteen year old girl lured to Jack Nicholson’s home, on the promise of fame by appearing in an edition of French Vogue, is plied with drugs mixed in champagne. When these take effect she asks to go home but Polanski has other ideas. After asking her if she is on the Pill he is uncertain and decides to sodamise her. Through fear she was unable to resist and was then told to keep the assault secret. What Jack Nicholson was doing while this happened is not apparent.

The allegations against Pope Benedict do not stand comparison, but according to Richard Dawkins he not only knew but encouraged the outrageous behaviour of deviant Catholic priests. Jack Nicholson he is not. Dawkins also declares that the Catholic Church is a child-raping institution. He and Christopher Hitchens, as fronts for the National Secular Society intend to arrest Benedict when he visits Great Britain by the device that the Pope is not head of state of a country recognised by the United Nations. This is pure delusion and their hatred has warped their minds. They are stirring up an alliance of factions who do not like to be told that their behaviour is wrong.  SAD now stands for Secularists Against the Divinity.

An orchestrated campaign is being conducted and letters have appeared in provincial newspapers that are not from local readers. These are mainly from the GAY [Good As You] factions. For example, the teachings of the Catholic Church are a denial of their rights and an attack on their behaviour which is entirely innocent. Of course the public are not told that this behaviour results in an increased risk of various ailments or a reduced life expectancy. One unnamed Gay and ex-Catholic berates a Vatican spokesman for linking abusive priests with homosexuality. Given the enquiries and investigations conducted by the Catholic hierarchy it is safe to assume that the evidence bears this out. Gay and ex-Catholic adds that many Catholics he knows find the Pope’s homophobic hatred repulsive. The Pope staunchly defends and explains Catholic teaching and is not an isolated and out of touch figure within the Church. If there are some Catholics who cannot accept this and want to play nineteen-hole golf, then they should join a nineteen-hole golf club.

On the latest Leaders debate on TV the matter of the Pope’s visit was raised. All of them disagreed with and distanced themselves from Catholic teaching, but implied this teaching was emanating from the Pope personally. Nick Clegg at a different point had a rant against the Conservatives for being in a Euro-group with the Polish Law and Justice party who of course were described as homophobic. Gordon Brown often tells David Cameron the same at Prime Ministers Questions.  Oh how they love to throw this accusation at anyone who does not condone their views on cuddly inclusiveness. This is the atheist Nick Clegg who was very happy to have a photo-opportunity with his Catholic wife at Mass the previous Sunday.  He was, a few days earlier, paying  tribute to the late Lech Kaczynski who was Leader of the Law and Justice Party.  What a hypocrite.

To get back to the Foreign Office who have quashed the attempts of some British Overseas Territories to include a reference to their Christian heritage in their modernised Constitutions. Their latest intervention is interference in a judicial review in Gibraltar on the pretext of upholding the European Convention of Humanl Rights.  The Gibraltar Attorney General is opposing their involvement in what is a domestic issue. The case results from Gibraltar Gay Rights wanting to lower the age of consent for homosexuals. They are backed inevitably by Peter Tatchell who has no connection whatsoever with Gibraltar. The attitude and stance of the Government of Gibraltar is in marked contrast to David Milliband and the Foreign Office.


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  1. If only I had a dime for each time I came to! Amazing writing!

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