Slaughter of the Unborn

Deliverance Day minus 13. Today members and supporters of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children held silent pro-life chains across the UK. Over seven million children have been killed since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967. Over 200,000 last year. The annual witness draws the public’s attention to this tragedy and reminds them that abortion not only kills children, but also hurts women who deserve much better. The chains of pro-lifers are also a reminder that there are people who care and are not going to go away. While ever they take to the streets abortion will not become acceptable and the default setting of a liberal democracy.

It is interesting to watch the reaction of the people in cars passing by. Once they pass the first sign they slow down so that they can read each of the other signs held by people who are spaced out over a long stretch of highway. Increasingly people are indicating their support and most just note the messages. The small number of people who get angry and shout disapproval fall in to the same group – young men in their late teens or early twenties driving loud cars with go-faster stripes. Draw your own conclusions.

The mystery is why isn’t the killing of the unborn on this scale an election issue? It must be ignorance about the humanity of the unborn and the barbarity of abortion procedures. People react when they see genocide taking place and the media, especially the BBC, are very clear that they have a duty to report the happenings and beam pictures of the atrocity in to our living rooms. When it comes to abortion the opposite applies. It is too appalling to broadcast and offends public decency. That is correct, but it is the truth of what is happening in this country on a daily basis. If the population of a medium sized city was ethnically cleansed every year there would be a public outcry and demands for the government and politicians to put a stop to it. The pro-abortion groups know this so everything is done to keep people in ignorance. Out of sight, out of mind.

The ProLife Party made valiant attempts to contest elections in sufficient numbers to qualify for election broadcasts and show the public what abortion really entails. Their broadcasts were censored by the BBC. The Party challenged this censorship in the courts and despite early success the courts eventually found in favour of the BBC. The BBC has double standards and some employees who are biased.

The main political parties blank the issue of abortion out of the election campaign on the basis that it is a matter for personal conscience and free votes in Parliament. The fact is that all the parties have a consensus on the matter and hide behind that spurious argument. All the party leaders to a greater or lesser extent support abortion even though they would say that it should be rare. Abortion provision might not be in their manifestoes but it is certainly on their conference agendas.  Take care of Labour’s election slogan ‘a future fair for all’ and read the small print.  ‘*This offer does not apply to children in the womb’.  Any politician who campaigned in support of genocide would be hounded out of the political arena and ostracised. No politician who refuses to defend the sanctity of all human life should be allowed to put their name on a ballot paper.


2 Responses to Slaughter of the Unborn

  1. LOUELLA says:

    All secular governments throughout the world are guilty of the genocide of their nation’s children – and the sterilisation (contracepting) of the women! If such an action were taken by an outside agent – we would be on our knees praying for an end to such an assault!

    Only a Catholic State can guarantee the safety and survival of its people! it is time for its return. Secular governments have colluded in the death of their people – and thereby the death of their nations! Secular democracy is a failed system! History will judge it severely!

  2. Mike says:

    Well said. I take part in a pavement protest against aborton every month and did so again on Saturday. I’d generally agree with the categories of people who form our vocal roadside opponents. We normally get more hoots in support. I’d also agree with your observation about our political class’s keeping people in ignorance. 7 million babies killed in buildings just down the road from where we live is just too horrific for people to get their heads around, so they pretend it’s not happening or not their problem or it’s not actually killing real people.

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