Inspire and Renew

Deliverance Day minus 19. Political parties have to be visionary and convey that vision to the voters with a simple message that requires minimal explanation. The Conservatives vision is for ‘the big society’ but the public are having trouble understanding what it means. Do you know what Labour’s vision is? Well their campaign slogan is ‘a future fair for all’, but that’s nothing new and just means more of the same. As for the LibDems, will somebody let me know? Resurgence has a vision to raise up and restore our Country as a Christian Democracy in solidarity with other European countries in a new Christendom.

This will be built on the twin pillars of a just democracy and a fair market economy, constructed from the bottom up with the consent of the people and a renewal in moral virtue and responsibility. Democracy must be responsible and based on absolute and unchanging core values which are ethical, such as the sanctity of all human life and the rule of just and reasonable law. A fair market economy will be inclusive to encompass free enterprise; with private, mutual or public ownership; but they must be complimentary and serve the common good.

Our historical Christian Democracy is being attacked and undermined by anti-religious forces. It must be raised up and restored to provide a moral example for the renewal of decency, dignity, honesty, integrity and respect for all, founded on Christian principles of Peace, Truth, Justice and Freedom. In the UK we would repeal the distorted Human Rights Act and replace it with a modern Magna Carta based on God given natural law; and introduce a Bill for the Right to be Born – to be designated a prime constitutional statute overriding every other Act of Parliament and Court precedent.

Christendom will be a place of harmony, peace, freedom and respect for life and human dignity. We do not want a federal EU where a dictatorship of relativism and a culture of death are omnipresent. We want a European Commonwealth of sovereign states with the imperative of subsidiarity, but a commitment to solidarity. Europe stands before a crossroads. We seek a Europe in which freedom of religion and conscience is respected, a young and dynamic Europe, one that is a sign of hope for the world.

We will demand a post-referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and every future EU Treaty will be put to the people for approval or rejection. In the event that the people reject the Lisbon Treaty we will demand a further Referendum on the future direction of the European Union. We would campaign for a changed relationship based on sovereign states and the common good, pursuing a Culture of Life and Love, and founded on the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.

We will propose a review of the UKs involvement and work at the United Nations to ensure that the founding principles of the UN are being maintained and to remove any distortion and misinterpretation of Charters, Conventions and Declarations. We will commit the UK to a consistent ethical foreign policy and fair trade agreements.


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