The Right to Flash

Deliverance Day minus 24. Following yesterdays launch of Labour’s Manifesto it is safe for the other parties to release their own documents now that Labour cannot pinch their ideas. The main focus was on the Conservative launch at Battersea power station, which was a strange choice as it is a derelict shell. The surrounding land looked to be podzol. What was the message there? This might be allegorical for the state of the UK. It seems to have been a long drawn out affair as a succession of party spokespeople preceded the Leader. Not many laughs and not much of a warm-up. By the time David Cameron stepped on to the podium people were yawning and nodding off. It might have been better to hold the launch at Battersea dog’s home to a background of dog’s yapping.

The Flash-Pob were there in force to welcome their Leader and his wife. These are the equivalent of Labour’s rent-a-mob crowd of Young Socialists who Mandelson can mobilise at the push of a button on his cell-phone. Oliver Letwin and Michael Gove have their blue t-shirt clad Young Conservatives to flash their slogan emblazoned banners. A pob is a posh mob.

Labour’s response to the Conservative Manifesto – it has no substance. At a superficial level that cannot be right. With one hundred and fifty pages, it was twice as thick as the seventy-six pages of Labour’s tome. But with half the page size – A5 instead of A4 – it had the same amount of verbiage. The big difference was the hard-back cover of the Conservative offering [obviously meant to last]. It was a dull blue and could have done with a dust cover to brighten it up, perhaps with some glowing comments on the back by the newspaper critics. For example the comment from the Skibereen Eagle might be; “a riveting yarn and must have in your holiday luggage, we have our eye on you”.

If these observations seem trivial, it is because none of the main parties are coming up with the revolutionary ideas that are going to motivate the bourgeoisie or the proletariat. And, they are definitely not connecting with the concerns of the young people who are our future. The Conservative vision is the ‘big society’. It is radical in so far as socialism is now reactionary, but the explanation of this is so esoteric that it goes above voter’s heads.  A bit like Saint Paul’s letter to the foolish Galatians, who just got on with the craic.


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