Last Party Standing

On 13th March the Resurgence National Executive Committee accepted a recommendation not to stand candidates in the forthcoming General Election. This decision was taken reluctantly following an assessment of the poor response from all quarters of the Catholic community. Arising from this assessment a number of key issues have been identified that require attention. These issues are being dealt with as part of an action plan to prepare for the General Election of 2012.

If recent opinion polls prove to be correct and no political party has an overall majority in the next Parliament, there is every likelihood that the next Government will be short-lived. The economic and financial pressures are set to be enduring making government more difficult and will result in additional external forces coming to bear.

This year’s Election is also likely to highlight the problems with our current electoral system, and in particular the disparity between votes cast and seats obtained in the House of Commons. There is widespread disenchantment with all the main established parties.

With thirteen years of a Labour government frittered away we are now faced with a late flurry of policy initiatives. But, can anyone believe that they will keep these promises? There have been so many broken promises since 1997 and the biggest betrayal was the denial of the promised referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty. In this they were abetted by the Liberal Democrats who also broke their manifesto commitment. For this reason alone, neither party deserves any support.

It remains to be seen if the voting public have yet reached the point that they will turn their backs on them. If not this time, it will surely happen in the not too distant future.


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