Call for Catholics to Political Action

Resurgence – the Catholic political party – at its Annual General Meeting on the 30th January 2010, decided to test the electoral waters and stick its toe in to the upcoming General Election.  The Party is calling on Catholics, disenchanted with the existing political parties, who are willing to stand as Candidates in their own Constituency and who want to stand on a manifesto based on Catholic Social Teaching to volunteer their services.

The Party has been built on a strong Catholic footing by Catholics who are properly formed and obedient to the Church’s teachings on faith and morals, as well as social justice. The Party is not exclusive and any person of good will who can sign up to the core aims and values of the Party are welcome to volunteer.

The only other qualifications are that they must have an affinity with the Constituency that they wish to stand for and be able to draw on local support for the purpose of nominating and canvassing.

They will be required to become a member of Resurgence [now CDP] and will be honour bound to support the implementation of the Party Manifesto.  The Manifesto will be based on the Party Programme and will be approved and signed off by the Resurgence Candidates.  The Party is opposed to the whipping system in the House of Commons and relies on the honesty and integrity of Resurgence Candidates.  On issues arising that are outside the remit of the Manifesto, Candidates will be expected to consider each individual issue on its merits.  In effect they will be Independent Members of Parliament if elected but relying on Party support.  This will be a unique example of subsidiarity and solidarity.

It is not the intention of Resurgence to govern. Our purpose is to hold Government to account.

Our long term aims are to work with other Christian parties in the United Kingdom.  Resurgence is already associated with other Catholic parties across the European Union and took part in the foundation of Euro-Solidarity.


One Response to Call for Catholics to Political Action

  1. Tom MacLean says:

    We have a “Christian Party” candidate standing in our constituency. Sadly, his party’s depressing views on the EU rule-out our voting for him or his party.

    As FIRM believers in the EU, and Roman Catholics, we do not subscribe to anti-european policies. We feel that the EU has much to do to reform its very complex construct. BUT, we reject insular talk of withdrawing from the EU.

    We feel, for us, a centre-left, progressive “Christian” inspired party with inclusive policies which celebrate the diverse nature of the UK now and the EU, relishing this diversity, with policies which only enhance this great construct, THAT is what we long for in the UK.

    We respect any Christian based party. But to vote for any such party we would need to buy-into the policies.

    Anti-European policies fail to be ones we could ever embrace.