Back on Track

Normal service is being resumed following the last four hectic months.

October was dominated by preparations for the Ordinary General Meeting held at the end of the month. All members take part in every General Meeting, but the OGM is extra important because it is the Policy making conference. For 2009 the emphasis was on constitutional and electoral reform. These topics were the subject of posts [see below] and the comments received were taken in to account when drafting the document that was considered by the OGM. The decisions taken have now been incorporated in to the Party Programme.

November saw the culmination of talks held earlier in the year with other Catholic groups. A meeting held at the Diamond Lodge in Manchester at the end of the month resulted in the adoption of the Diamond Declaration and the creation of an umbrella body called the Union of Christian Democrats. This is intended to facilitate cooperation and coordination during elections and joint working on a manifesto. Christine West founded the Christian Democratic Party ten years ago based on Catholic principles. The Party is based in Manchester and there is no conflict with Resurgence which is based in Lincoln and Birmingham. The other interest parties were the Catholics who have resigned from the Christian Peoples Alliance, and were represented by Michael Elmer. They are creating separate parties for England, Scotland and Wales. Other small parties, sharing our aims and values, are to be invited to the next meeting of the Union of Christian Democrats which will be held in Birmingham. The end result should be nationwide coverage.

December was spent in the Republic of Ireland. The weather in Ireland is either soft or hard, but the rain of November and December was something else. The economic situation there can also be described as grim. The Minister of Finance presented his third budget of the year, each one progressively more draconian. The December budget was expected to be fierce. It turned out to be savage. If you want to know what will happen in the UK following the General Election, take a look at Ireland. While in Ireland a meeting was held with Paul O’Loughlin, the Leader of the Christian Solidarity Party which has been in existence for twenty years. Founded and led by Catholics, they have identical aims and values with us. Following our meeting, their National Executive agreed to join with us as part of the Pan-European Catholic political group – Euro-Solidarity.

January was the time to fly south to the warmer climes of Gibraltar and avoid the snow. The Iberian peninsular did not escape and the snow did get down to Spain, even in the plain. Except that Gibraltar, which in common with Ireland, was exceptionally experiencing excessive amounts of rain and strong winds. The previous month had also been wet with floods. This was the cause of a big rock fall off the side of the famous Rock of Gibraltar. The rain must be due to the Irish connection. Part of the City is called Irish Town. On the bright side, it was much warmer than the UK and the opportunity arose to promote Resurgence. Following an interview with the Gibraltar Chronicle’s News Editor an article was published under the headline ‘ROMAN CATHOLIC PARTY KEEN TO SET FOOTHOLD ON ROCK’. This has led to a number of enquiries from Gibraltarians.

Welcome to all the website visitors from Gibraltar and Ireland.

Finally, at the end of January we held our Annual General Meeting when the usual house keeping took place. Arising from the Annual Report it was proposed to put some Rule changes to a Special General Meeting, effecting improvements to the efficiency of the National Executive Committee and changes to the titles and roles of National Officers. The upcoming General election was also discussed.

We are still searching for a young dynamic Catholic, who has an interest in politics and a desire for change, to take on the role of Leader. Any volunteers?


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