Nollaig Shona Duit – Happy Christmas

Aled Jones made the pertinent observation – take CHRIST out of Christmas and you are left with M&S.

It is usual to wish people a Merry Christmas, which can mean festive joyfulness with cheerful and lively behaviour. Unfortunately our modern society seems to think that being merry equates with excessive drinking. Happiness is also equated with materialism and unnecessary consumption. Greed and self-indulgent behaviour have resulted in yet another economic and financial crisis.

Some people are given an unfair share of the world’s resources. We must respect the common human dignity that binds us in global solidarity and gives us hope for a better life for all. The poor of the world are not dispensable. They can never be sacrificed for some future benefit.

Our political purpose is to strive for social justice and the pursuit of happiness through virtue.

World leaders seem intent on maintaining our existing economic systems when they should be looking at new alternative models which are sustainable and just. We are destined to keep repeating the same economic cycle. There is also a need for moral renewal based on enduring and traditional truths and values. Our hope for the future is based on change for the better founded on Christian principles.

Our organisation was founded on the principles of PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE and FREEDOM. Of these Peace is the foremost goal. For without Peace you cannot obtain the Truth; and without the Truth you cannot get Justice, which is necessary to achieve forgiveness. If you cannot forgive there will be no healing and reconciliation. The Truth will set us free.

Everyone must be valued for their intrinsic worth and has the inalienable right to be respected and their dignity upheld.

Neville Gabriel of the Catholic Bishops Conference of South Africa stated, “Dignity is the source of our freedom, our creativity and our struggle for justice. Dignity is everyone’s most basic human right and as such should always be defended and respected”.

Let Jesus be the presence in your home this Christmas and throughout the Year. We wish all our members and supporters Peace, Happiness and Joy.


2 Responses to Nollaig Shona Duit – Happy Christmas

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  2. James says:

    Why are you wishing us Happy Christmas in Irish? This is not supposed to be an Irish organisation but a UK Political Party. Far too often you appear to be Irish. That is not going to help you win a UK Election. Indeed how many Irish people would know what you are talking about? I am not Irish and I find it annoying, maybe even offensive. By all means, if you had added Joyeux Noel, Felices Navidades and others it would have been acceptable.

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