Pop Con Movers and Shakers

Abortion and contraception are part of the Population Control agenda. The modern Pop’ Con’ movement was kick-started by the Northern European States following the Second World War. By 2007 the United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] was predominantly funded by those same States. The top ten donors provided 85.6% of their revenue. They are the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, together with Canada, Japan and Switzerland. With the exception of Japan they all have contraceptive prevalence rates above 70%; and all have an average fertility rate of 1.59, none near replacement fertility level.

Finland, Switzerland, Canada and Japan have recognised that their fertility rates are too low and are taking steps to correct them. The Russian Federation has also similarly reversed their policies. Most of the UNFPA money is spent in the non-white global south. This has been described as racist and neo-colonialism. Since 2002, the US Bush administration has withheld funding of $32m annually. The Obama administration has turned the tap back on.

This has coincided with the hijacking of Amnesty International, who are now fully committed to the Pop’ Con’ agenda. This year AI has attacked Nicaragua, together with Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, for their pro-life laws. In this they have been aided and abetted by the Hispanic Ipas. Together with UN Agencies and Non Governmental Organisations they have targeted East Timor and the Philippines which are also predominantly Catholic.

An anti-Vatican pattern has emerged. Countries which adhere to Catholic teaching are the major bulwarks against the Pop’ Con’ movement. If their resistance can be overcome there will be no obstacle to global domination. In early 2003 Steven Sinding, Director-General of International Planned Parenthood Federation, at the Nordic Meeting on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights urged Northern European government leaders to redouble their efforts to promote population control, provision of reproductive services to children and worldwide legalisation of abortion. He attacked the conservative backlash by the USA, the Vatican and a handful of other countries with fundamentalist governments. He also urged them to go against the wishes of governments in the developed world and promote the “population crisis”. The US government has now been turned.

One of the myths of the 2008 US Presidential election campaign is that Obama’s success was down to millions of ordinary American voters donating $10 each. The reality is that he was backed by ‘big-money’ and they are now calling in the favours. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is pursuing an aggressive and open foreign policy that promotes abortion. So much for making abortion rare. In August 2008 a meeting of the ‘Brains Trust’ group took place hosted by a new NGO called the Global Justice Centre. Taking part was George Soros’s Open Society Institute, the Centre for Reproductive Rights, Equality Now, Women’s Environment and Development Organisation, and Amnesty International. Their purpose was to advance the abortion and feminist agenda by exploiting ceasefire and peace talks to gain leverage with newly formed governments.

In May of this year the ‘Good Club’ met in New York to coordinate charitable giving. They decided that the Number One problem was too many poor people. The Club consists of the world’s richest, who make mega-dollar donations, and comprise David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffet. David Rockefeller is one of the founders of the modern Pop’ Con’ movement and funds the anti-Catholic group Catholics for Choice. Ted Turner is a long time supporter of forcing countries to introduce abortion and population control.

One of the many organisations to benefit from this charitable giving is the Centre for Reproductive Rights. They have called on the UN to formerly recognise abortion providers as “human rights defenders”. In 2007 it had a budget of $14m and half of that was funded by forty American foundations headed by the Hewlett Packard, Ford and McArthur Foundations and George Soros’s Open Society Institute. UNFPA also provides financial support. UNFPA claim that they are neutral on the matter of abortion but their actions tell a different story. Under the pretext of sexual and reproductive health and rights they are pursuing their own interpretation including abortion.

UNFPA honoured Dr Mahoud Fathalla for his work in the population field of abortion and contraception. He is a former adviser to the World Health Organisation and International Planned Parenthood Federation. Ipas is a major provider of abortion equipment. On the Board of Ipas are Amy O Tsui, who is also a director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, and Joseph Speidel, who is former Programme director of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The Foundations have asked the Obama administration to remove the remaining restrictions on US funding for UNFPA, IPPF and CRC.

This is a tangled web of interconnected organisations with cross-funding that is difficult to comprehend. The same people are involved with many of the organisations which breed like rabbits [see archived news sheets 1:3 and 1:4 for the situation in Ireland and Great Britain]. There is a definite game-plan. The hijacking of AI did not happen by accident, it was infiltrated. For example, it is no coincidence that Noeleen Hartington became the Programme Director for AI Ireland having previously been the Chairperson of Irish Family Planning – part of IPPF.

In 2000, Scandinavian ambassadors threatened Nicaragua to liberalise its abortion laws or face withdrawal of aid. The Dutch Overseas Development Minister – Bert Koenders – recommended the withdrawal of aid to Nicaragua as a result of their adoption of a pro-life constitution in 2006.

In the same year the UK government supported population control measures in Africa. It was confirmed that the Department for International Development had provided £25.1m to UNFPA and £7.5m to IPPF to facilitate work on sexual and reproductive health and rights. In 2007 the Irish government objected to the Maputo plan fearing that it would lead to EU funded abortion in Africa. The Continental Framework, co-authored by IPPF, was supported by some EU States as part of an European Union – African Union strategy.

This year, at a Forum sponsored by UNFPA in Manila, European Commission Ambassador Alistair MacDonald has intervened in the Philippines pushing lawmakers to enact reproductive health legislation by linking it with increased foreign aid. He was supported by Spain’s Agencia Espanola de Cooperacion Internacional and Australia’s Agency for International Development.

The IPPF is a spear point organisation and many of the pro-abortion attacks are fronted by the International Women’s Health Coalition, which is funded by the major Foundations, UNFPA and European States. We know that there is an institutionalised culture within the European Commission that favours population control. European Union officials deny that it is EU policy to promote abortion, but either collectively through the EC or individually it is very clear that some Member States have a pro-abortion agenda that is not only aimed at the Faeroe Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco, Northern Ireland, Poland and Republic of Ireland, but extends worldwide.


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