A new party for Britain’s broken democracy

House_of_Commons_from_London_EyeWhen the new political organisation, that we now call Resurgence, was being formed four years ago it was intended to fill a gap in the political spectrum.  Our assessment of the state of the nation indicated that we were in dire straits and this had not come about by accident or naturally.  Most of the ailments afflicting our communities and our society were the direct consequence of policies developed by all the major parties and implemented by them when in power.  The cumulative effect of these policies was creating a society that was unsustainable.  It was clear that political parties were the problem and they were clinging on to power because we have a broken democracy.

People are disenchanted with politics in general and disgusted with political parties in particular.  This is a dangerous situation.  If the public believe that their views are being ignored and their representative’s first allegiance is to a political party, then voting has no consequence.  We have witnessed the steady decline in voter turnout.  The political parties are in denial and the inevitable result will be revolution.

The solution was simple.  The people must regain control by electing their representatives to the House of Commons and they must be independent of party control.  Our initial approach was to form an organisation of independent candidates – with a shared vision and a common agenda – who would act in solidarity and consider each issue brought before them on its individual merits.  New Labour has made this impossible to achieve, due to them creating the Electoral Commission and a rules structure that favours the major political parties.

We had to register as a political party, but we are still committed to our initial approach.  If we can get Resurgence MPs elected to the House of Commons they will not be controlled by party whips.  It will be a matter of conscience.  They will be honour bound to support the manifesto that they are elected on and stand by our aims and values.  A Culture of Love and Life will underpin their actions.  Beyond that they will be independent and responsive to the views of their electorate.

Each document that we have produced builds on the previous document.  The founding declaration sets out our principles and standards.  The prospectus defines our strategy and vision.  The constitution regulates our conduct and enshrines our core aims and values.  The programme lays out our agenda for action.  Our news sheets are intended to explain and develop our vision and agenda, while also launching innovative and original initiatives so that we can test member’s reactions.

We set out to be distinctive.  By adhering to Catholic social teaching we had a strong foundation.  Many of the issues that we flagged up four years ago were not being discussed.  Indeed many were taboo subjects.  Honesty and integrity in public life, reform of the House of Commons, fair taxation, sustainable public spending, realistic pensions and carers allowances, a living minimum wage, an economy that benefits everyone, and public services that deliver – to name just a few.

The major parties still do not get it.  We will continue to be distinctive.  The fundamental issue that needs to be addressed immediately is the need to achieve a real separation of the powers of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.  Any nation that kills over 200,000 of its most vulnerable unborn citizens each year is not a civilised society.  It is evil.  Any nation that fails to recognise and support the traditional family as the essential unit of society is doomed to extinction.


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